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Terms and Conditions

EBig is the leading Online Shopping Store in Pakistan and thus we have lined out Terms and Conditions which apply to whole site, its customers and every aspect within the EBig. Every customer or user who uses this website is liable to accept these terms and conditions without any particular literal or oral agreement between two. EBig can change its Terms and Conditions without any prior notice but any change made, can be read on this page. Any breach to these Terms and Condition may lead to legal action.

User Acceptance

The user of EBig must be atleast 18 years old and if not then must be operating this site under the guidance of his/her elder. The user has access to all the products and their information without any particular gateway. Sometimes product information is different from the actual product because of the vary information from the manufacturer or the neglacy of the input and EBig is not responsible at all for such inaccurate product details. Details or Content provided against any product is just for the purpose of slight information.

We also allow users to post their opinions for different products and they share their opinions about the products. We are not responsible for any pros or cons sorted by any user. Every Customer can share their perspective and opinions and we do not share their thoughts or partnered them.

Sometimes user has to register himself / herself to access different areas of the site and thus he / she has to provide accurate information and update when the information changes. Any information provided by user is sole and we do not share that information with anyone. If the user feels someone else has accessed his / her account, he / she must inform us by calling on +92 (323) 0800 110 or sending an email at customer.care@ebig.pk and we are not responsible for any cause or demage made to their information outside this site.

During registeration, user accepts all the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the EBig. User also accepts to receive Promotional Emails about different products however, user can opt to stop receiving these emails.

Product Pricing and Order Placing

EBig reserves the rights to accept or reject any order without any explanation to user. When user places an order, a order confirmation call is made to the order maker and may be asked for additional information besides products and other necessary details.

We reserves the rights to ask user for credit / debit card validation against your order payment to avoid any fraud. We may also ask for additional information besides details provided during registeration. We can also cancel any order at anytime without any reason specified to user.

We do our best to provide most accurate and latest price for every product but yet price error may occure. Sometimes a customer places an order with a particular price listed on the product and we receive it later the price changed, we confirms it with customer and may cancel the order if not accepted.

The prices of Products on EBig are fixed and non-negotiable. However, due to market inflation or deflation, product prices may increase or decrease and EBig takes no responsiblity and may change product prices at anytime. Your Total amount of Order includes all GST.

Please note that sometimes you have to pay either full or parital amount of Total Amount on your order in advance. This can be due to either supplier requires pre-payments before arranging the product or for other reasons. In such case, our Customer Sales Representative will call and confirm with your first. If you accept, we will process your order after receiving payment.

Shipping Policy

Copyrights and Trademarks

All Intellectual property rights, registered or unregistered are reserved by EBig. Entire content, website design and development, graphics, multimedia and softwares along with their any source codes on website are EBig's property and are protected by Pakistan and International territories Laws. There are some product images with EBig's logo on them which does not represent EBig as the owner of product images or product itself. These watermarks are just for the purpose of site representation and does not serve any other purpose. Other than product images, every image on this site is the courtesy of EBig.


If any dispute arises between EBig and second party, either customer or whoever, besides these Terms and Conditions, shall be finally settled with the rules of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The venue of the adjudication shall be Karachi, Pakistan and adjudication shall be processed in English Language. EBig reserves the right to pursue the protection of its intellectual property rights and confidential information.

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